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Book Club Breakfast

"Just Alice"

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A story is not like a road… it’s more like a house.  You go inside and stay there for a while, wondering back and forth and settling where you like and discovering how the room and corridors relate to each other, how the world outside is altered by being viewed from these windows. 

And you, the visitor, the reader, are altered as well by being in this enclosed space,

whether it is ample and easy or full of crooked turns, or sparsely or opulently furnished.  You can go back again and again, and the house, the story, always contains more than you saw the last time.  It also has a sturdy sense of itself of being built out of its own necessity, not just to shelter or beguile you.” ……..  Alice Munro

Both Huron County and the literary world have lost an icon this year.  Alice Munro, Nobel Laureate and Master of the Short Story has touched our lives through her unsurpassed body of work.   In memory of her life and work, join us for our Book Club Breakfast (coffee and pastries) as we share and reflect on what Alice meant to each of us.

What is your favorite quote, a personal memory, what was your favorite book and why or how did she influence you as a writer or reader.   Come share your stories.  This is a morning to share, remember and talk about ….. “Just Alice”.

The Book Club Breakfast
Sunday June 9th, 8:45AM – to 10:15AM
at the Bayfield Community Centre
This is a free event, but we do ask you to reserve your seat.

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