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Author Reading with Annahid Dashtgard
Bones of Belonging

Sunday, June 9, 2024
12 Noon at the Bayfield Community Centre, 4 Jane Street, Bayfield

In a series of deft interlocking stories, this national bestseller shares experiences of searching for, and teaching about, belonging in our deeply divided world. A critically acclaimed racialized immigrant writer and recognized diversity and inclusion leader, Annahid writes with wisdom, honesty and a wry humour as she considers what it means to belong—to a country, in a marriage, in our own skin—and what the impact is when belonging is absent. Like the bones of the human body, these stories and vignettes knit together a remarkable vision of what wholeness looks like as a racial outsider in a culture still dominated by whiteness. 

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Annahid is an author and CEO of international inclusion company Anima Leadership, devoted to using her voice towards a more just future. Alongside writing for various publications and serving on award juries (including the Hilary Weston non-fiction prize), she’s author of the national best-seller Bones of Belonging and memoir Breaking the Ocean which Ms. Magazine prophesied “may change you”. A leading voice on race, trauma and immigration, she also hosts the podcast Soundwaves of Belonging, featuring intimate and irreverent conversations with fellow bridge-builders.  Having grown up in three different countries—Iran, England and Canada—on three different continents, Annahid is a citizen of the world, a lover of stories and a truth speaker for a more just future (@Annahid).

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