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Live Theatre 
Post Alice by Taylor Marie Graham


Wed. June 5     |   Thursday June 6    |    Saturday June 8
8:00 - 9:15pm (no intermission)
at Blyth Festival's Harvest Stage, 377 Gypsy Lane, Blyth, ON
(Outdoor venue, please dress in layers with comfortable footwear


Youth Tickets $10 - Use promo code ""YOUTH" on Checkout
Youth are under 19 years of age

MEET THE PLAYWRIGHT:  Taylor Marie Graham (she/her) is an award-winning playwright, theatre scholar, and educator who grew up on the shores of Lake Huron / Huron Tract. She has an MFA in Creative Writing, is a PhD Candidate in theatre at University of Guelph, and works as a sessional theatre professor at universities in Southwestern Ontario. You can find Taylor’s articles in Canadian Theatre Review, Intermission Magazine, Routledge’s Journal of Applied Theatre and Performance, and Canadian Literature. Taylor’s creative and scholarly work often

examines rural feminist identities and the decolonization of bodies in space. Critics describe her plays and operas as, “arresting and funny” (Slotkin), “uncommonly cool” (MoT), “charmingly twisted” (Toronto Star), “powerful, and courageous,” (OnStage), “meaningful for all ages” (Intermission), “darkly evocative” (Istvan Reviews), “psychological, theological, and ornithological” (Our Theatre Voice), “as moving as it is scary” (My Entertainment World), and “profound, beautifully crafted” (StageDoor).

A Message from Our Playwright:

"My sincere condolences go out to everyone mourning the passing of Canada's master of the short story, Alice Munro. As a young girl growing up in Huron County in the nineties, I spent many hours reading Munro's beautiful stories, and in the years since I have remained a devoted fan of her work, particularly for her wonderful, enormously complex and important depictions of Southwestern Ontario life. I am deeply grateful to Munro for all she has given us, and I've found myself feeling the heavy weight of her passing over the last couple of days, especially considering my play Post Alice is set to be performed at the Alice Munro Festival of the Short Story in a couple weeks' time. Understandably, folks have pointed out the new meaning the play's title holds in light of news of Munro's recent passing. I originally wrote the play in 2021 for the Here For Now Theatre Festival in Stratford, and the name emerged from the decidedly postmodern style of the play I was writing. I had just spent the summer rereading her work for my doctoral studies and was so inspired this play came bursting out of me. The original cast and crew of the 2021 production created a truly magically theatrical experience. I was incredibly humbled by the positive audience and critical response to the 2021 Stratford premiere, as well as Talonbooks' decision to publish the play. Post Alice was born entirely out of a deep respect, love, and admiration for Munro's work. After speaking with the festival organizers, I know they are doing everything they can to honour Munro at the festival this year. I sincerely hope audiences can use this occasion to come together to mourn as a community of admirers of her work and celebrate the ways in which Munro's impressive legacy will live on, inspiring readers and writers for years and years and years to come.

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