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Film Screening
Lives of Girls & Women
by Alice Munro, Charles K. Pitts and Kelly Rebar.


Friday, June 7, 2024
8:15 - 9:45pm at Wingham Heritage Town Hall Theatre

374 Josephine Street, WIngham 


Youth Tickets $10  - Use promo code ""YOUTH" on Checkout

SAVE ON MULTIPLE EVENTS WITH a Friday Festival Pass (combining this event with the Awards Presentations and an Author Reading by Genevieve Graham, moderated by Heather Marshall). $50 per person.

In this adaptation of Alice Munro's novel, a young girl comes of age in a small Ontario town in the 1950s. A made-for-tv movie by Alice Munro, Charles K Pitts, Kelly Rebar,1996.

"a great down to earth movie ,it is a tribute to Canadian actresses. "Tanya Allen and Wendy Crewson" (who) were excellent in their portrayal of a mother and daughter during a girls entering adulthood time.The Aunts and Uncle,as well as boyfriend and his family played the inhabitants of a small town in that time period to perfection.They left me feeling like I was part of their life and knew them all. This has become one of my favorite movies even though I have only seen it a few times , I would recommend it to everyone as a first rate film .The cast and crew can be praised for showing the world that Canada is second to none."

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